I'm struggling with idea of doing this. Might hurt bad!!! The bitter part.

Then again my enemies didn't seem to care about destroying my career did they?

Just a trial run. Warm up for discarding old ideas. 

Imagine yourself in a conversation with both God and Satan. Setting, anywhere 
they want. When, whenever. This is the simple part.

Old objections.

Human, "God? Why did you create Satan?"

God, "Not for you to ask. My reasons are beyond your tiny scope of 

Human, "Do you know everything?"

God, "Yes."

Human, "Did you know about Satan's rebellion before you made him?"

God, "Yes."

Human, "Did you know he would temp and fool souls into eternal torment?"

God, "Yes."

Human, "Did you know he would succeed into bringing millions of human souls into 
eternal damnation?"

God, "Yes."

Human, "So you knew by creating him, before you did, it would seal the fate of 
millions of human souls into pain with never ending pain?"

God, "Yes."

Human, "Can you truly do anything?"

God, "Yes."

Human, "Could you have done all this different?"

God, "Yes. I can do anything."

Human, "Could you have saved everyone from Hell?"

God, "Yes."

Human, "But you didn't?"

God, "Could it not have been the best of all choices?"

Human, "Yes."

Human, "But you can do anything, so could you not make saving everyone the best 
of all realities?"

God, "Yes."

Human, "But you didn't?"

God, "Yes."

Human, "Excuse me for a few minutes Lord."

Walking over to Satan's corner.

Human, "Boy, are you crazy?"

Satan, "That is me? Isn't it?"

Human, "Are you as mighty as God?"

Satan, "Could he get away with punishing me forever if I were?"

Human, "No."

Satan, "Why do you ask?"

God, "He is a human."

Satan, "Flea brain you mean."

Human, "Me? You calling me a flea brain?"

Satan, "If it fits flea brain."

Human, "Are you all-powerful?"

Satan, "No. But I'm as close as anything or anyone will ever get to God's 

Human, "but you're finite?"

Satan, "Sort of."

Human, "Not sort. IS!!!!"

Satan, "So?"

Human, "Could you have surprise attacked him?"

Satan, "No. He knows everything, doesn't he?"

Human, "Even if you could, could you have over-powered him?"

Satan, "What do you think insect brain?"

Human, "Nope."

Satan, "Right. Your point?"

Human, "So there wasn't anyway you could have won? Your plan for overthrowing 
In Heaven was doomed from the start. AND YOU KNEW IT!"

Satan, "So? Your point again?"

Human, "Why do it? If you're smarter than me, why pick a fight you could never 
win. And against the one entity who getting mad has got to be the worst mistake 
in anyone's life."

Satan, "Hey, didn't I tell you I'm crazy and demented? Pure evil."

Human, "But still smart and crafty. Surely crafty enough to not bet on a loser 
like yourself."

Satan, "Point Bubble-brain?"

Human, "Didn't you like God once?"

God, "Yes. He was my favorite once. My first angel."

Satan, "Not when I rebelled."

God, "Yes. Not then."

Satan, "Why did I do it? ……???? Ahhh..geee…..what was it I wanted anyway?"

God, "To overthrow my reign in Heaven."

Satan, "And to do what? Tell your angels what to sing? Torture souls for 
eternity? Nothing better to do? Are human souls such coveted prizes? What will 
entertain me forever? Burning them? Nothing better to do with eternity? Come on.
An IQ over a billion and all I want to do is torture souls? I couldn't figure 
out something better to do with my time? I'm going to destroy my future forever 
for the sake of insect souls? Give me a break. Hey Human, you that conceited? 
Think you're all that?"

Human, "If not me then what do you want?"

Satan, "You heard him. To rule!"

Human, "Rule what? Why?"

Satan, "To control my destiny. You see in a small way I am you. And so is he. 
And before he writes his laws inside your heart and minds I'll voice my 
rebellion in them."

Human, "So my soul is your battleground?"

Satan, "IN ALL SOULS. But you knew that deep down inside didn't you? Didn't you 
sense our presence in yours? Were you that insensitive to our struggle in your 
soul? Are you not aware of the war inside your soul? Look inside, deep down 
inside you, our fight is there. It is why we fight in you and about your choices 
in life."

Satan, "And when you don't go God's way in your decisions."

God, "YOU SIN!"

Satan, "You're breaking my heart."

God, "Splitting atoms are we?"

This could be. And maybe its not the answer. Maybe there is more to it than 

Wait! I have to think this through. This argument was just a warm up
and far from what I think it is. Except the last part was on key.