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By Robert Lauzeckas 1988

What I'm going to present to you isn't a story but rather a set of ideas I came up for one. These ideas evolved over a long period of time and they still have to take a decisive format for a story line. Nevertheless, here they come. There are a few things that I should explain first before I take you into these ideas. First, I don't propose them seriously(I think?...who knows...maybe I'm fooling myself), and that the overall structure doesn't really enjoy a coherent form so you'll find me jumping all over the place. So, in the beginning, I hope you can exercise some patience until the ideas fuse into one coherent whole which I believe is when they become very interesting for speculation. Now when I was a child there were many aspects of religion that were impossible for me to swallow. Like why would Christ beg on his hands and knees to release himself from the ordeal of going to the cross? Wasn't he God?...and still praying to himself?...and worse not granting himself pardon from the upcoming ordeal? Really? Where were the dinosaurs in the Bible...surely the inspired word of God wouldn't leave out a few hundred million years of Earth's history? Why would an all-powerful God be concerned with the activities of man on a dust mote whirling in space? And most of all why would the Devil, a creature of immense power and intellect rebel against God?...surely he knew it would have been impossible to win(even a human would be smart enough to know that victory was completely impossible). And there are other points of contention, but too many to bother with now. First I'll have to begin with a few facts relating to the human brain. Our brain is the only brain on the planet that is divided into two asymmetric functioning halves. Yes, there are other animals that share the fact that they too have two halves, but those halves perform the same brain functioning, so they don't have any distinctive characteristics like ours. Now we know from research that the left half is logical, docile, good mannered, and a thinker with sequential logic, while, the right is spatial, intuitive, and extremely hostile whenever it doesn't get its way. Two very different camps of thought. When doctors first separated the left and right hemispheres in humans so as to prevent the electrical discharge in an elliptic from traveling from one side of the brain to the other, preventing full blown incapacitating seizures, they made some starling discoveries about our human brain. They found in one patient that the right side of the brain whenever frustrated with someone will at most times automatically try to kill them. It doesn't matter if the person is a loved one or not. As a matter of fact, it looks like the right side might only be capable of enjoying another person for it's own pleasure(like sex) but really cannot love that person. The opposite is true for the left side because it appears it cannot really hate and is very friendly in nature(but a good manipulator). This could very well explain why so many top scientists(the best of course in using their left hemisphere) are docile in nature, and why so many artists(who make extensive use of their right side) are usually petty, irritable, and self- centered by contrast. Of course there are many people with such lopsided development of their respective hemispheres where seemingly gentle people(with good left and almost retarded development of right) can suddenly suffer from inexplicable bursts of rage whenever the retarded right gains control. Now Jung proposed that mankind shares a group unconscious mind. Now I thought wouldn't it be interesting if this was true but with one very important difference. Since humans have two different brains, left and right, why not imagine two different group minds. Jesus was the son of Man. Jesus was the son of God. So...what is equal? GOD : A COMPOSITE MIND OF ALL THE LEFT BRAINS IN MANKIND ___________________________________________________________ So now instead of one composite entity we have two. These two consisting of the telepathic links between all the right hemispheres of the total human population, comprising one super large consciousness, and the other out of the left side of our brains. The cells, or units, of these two super minds are individual human brains just like our brains are really composed of brain cells. And just like our brain cells use neural transmitters to send messages from one brain cell to another, these group minds rely on telepathic links between their units. This would mean that every person is linked psychically to everyone else in the human race along two different lines. One mostly good and one mostly bad. Now for the sake of the story let's assume that these entities are the God and the Devil from the Bible. So instead of an all-powerful God we just have a super powerful one, and instead of vastly inferior Devil(compared to God that is) we have one closer to him in strength. Now the Devil fighting God makes more sense because he actually stood a chance of winning. Losing was not a sure thing. But still the big question...why fight at all? If they existed wouldn't they be helpful to one another. Shouldn't they be helpful to each other? After all, wouldn't it be obvious to these two giant intellects that cooperation between them was if GOD'S PROBLEMS AND TEMPER WITH PEOPLE ____________________________________________ Now imagine the beginnings of God's own existence. Man has started to climb the evolutionary ladder until he would stand on the apex of life on this planet. With him another being(God) was also climbing the ladder of life, but a being that was hidden from Man's awareness. This God even in his humble beginnings must have had a level of intelligence far above anything we can imagine since he was a composite mentality where the lowest units for his thoughts were human brains(not human cells). Now in one of the stories of the Bible there's a story about how the Devil made his bid for controlling Heaven, and once he lost, was cast into Hell for his sin. How do I relate this to my story? Just watch. One of the peculiar things about our brain division(left and right) is, that in everyone, usually one hemisphere dominates most of the brain activity. Whenever one hemisphere is mentally active the other goes relativity dormant for that period of activity. So if you're thinking about math(left side) you won't be able to concentrate easily on something like painting(right side). So in a very real sense, the more active and fully awake one side is, the other is asleep. They also discovered in patients that have had their neural pathways between both hemispheres severed some very strange behavior. They discovered that whatever one side of the brain did, the other hated. In one patient whenever the right hand put together some blocks(the right hand is controlled by the left hemisphere and vice versa) the left hand would do its best to knock it apart. In normal people we usually don't notice internal conflict because in most cases the left side subdues the right for control, but how many people haven't experienced making up their minds to do something because it's logical and necessary only to find themselves compelled by some inner voice to go the other way. Was the right disagreeing with the left? Point : "The meek shall inherit the earth[left brain]." Point : The Book Of Life shall be given to everyone. If you receive it in your right hand(controlled by left brain) you go to heaven and if you receive it in your left hand(right brain control) you go to Hell. There was a period of time in the evolution of our brains when the left side didn't dominate the right. But sometime in our past the left hemisphere grew bigger and stronger ending up in the dominant role. SATAN : A COMPOSITE MIND OF THE RIGHT BRAINS IN MANKIND ___________________________________________________________ Before this establishment of the left brain there must have been a powerful struggle for the control of Man's supermind if you make some of the assumptions I've made. So when in our evolutionary past the left hemisphere finally dominated over the right for overall general control of our decision making, the symbolic representation of the event could be paralleled to the Bible's story of the Devil making his bid for the control of heaven(Man's overall activity and destiny, historical path) and once lost was banished into Hell(the lesser and mostly unconsciousness right side of our brain). Now supposing that God had won his major war with the Devil for the dominant control of Man's mind and history, making himself more fully alive and powerful. Did that mean his troubles were over? Not by a long shot! Even though the Devil had found himself in a lesser role in influencing Man's destiny he still hadn't lost all his power and certainly not his drive for power. But what exactly is the nature of what God wants? Imagine yourself being God for a moment. Here you are an immense being of power, immortal as long as the species survives, but dependent on Man for your existence. But is being a composite being really any different from the way we actually are? Are we just a glob organism or are we really composed of an union of cells the same way God might be? There isn't any one cell, whether in the body or brain, that realizes the "I" or "ME" exits at all. Since the "I" or "ME" within us is definitely a group entity, whether we recognize it or not, then why isn't it possible to suppose that God is too. Now supposing that if this is the way God is constructed then what would be his biggest concern? Knowing now that he isn't all- powerful, what problems would he have? As long as his cells(human brains) didn't have any strong sense of identity and ego God wouldn't have any problem getting us to do what he wanted us to do. But once we began to communicate in words and became socially interactive on a very sophisticated level he must of had major problems. Imagine if your own consciousness became so vast and powerful that even the individual cells had their own wants and needs separate from your own desires. Your mind would be in a state of chaos until you learned to control these renegade brain cells. WORDS AND LANGUAGE GOVERN GOD'S THINKING ___________________________________________ Point: Our first sin was eating from the Tree Of Knowledge. Self-awareness, self-knowledge....and possibly learning to shape our thoughts into patterns which actually mimicked for the first time how God shaped his thoughts...maybe? With words...maybe? WHERE IS GOD What If God Was One of Us WHAT/WHERE IS THE DEVIL Satan's Side WHO/WHAT WAS JESUS Conversation with Jesus Point: And if you were God, and you weren't quite sure of your new relationship to your new self-aware parts, might you not want to confide their new language interactions with each before they start to socially mesh through language, the same way you do through their brains. And since the Kingdom of Heaven is your super consciousness, and you notice that your little human cells are striving for similar language integration, might you not accuse them of trying to climb to Heaven(your mind) with the formation of one unifying language. And so, being very, very careful about any overly ambiguous projects of humans(or through natural development), you might divide one language into many. Tower of Babel of sorts? Or do you really believe the real God was concerned about ancient architects building a building to heaven a hundred million galaxies away? So when the above was true, God had a paramount concern in controlling the behavior of people. And the type of control he would have to exert on us would have to involve the overall smooth functioning of his own mind and identity. THE TRUE PURPOSE OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS ____________________________________________ Of course, God realized that governing people's behavior with absolute control resulting in no disruptions of his own was impossible. And every person being a part of himself was equally precious. So he had to come up with a scheme to set up some rules so statistically the greatest amount of good and control would be a result of the general population following those rules over the generations. His life and identity is to be safely preserved over the generations. What kind of rules would you have come up with to assure safe behavior for yourself if you were God? If you think about it for a little while, you'll realize that the Ten Commandments are just about perfect. WHY GOD IS A JEALOUS AND ANGRY GOD AT TIMES ___________________________________________________ Point: One difficulty I had with God was his claim for being a jealous God. Why would someone all-powerful worry about how we behaved? Was he really a stupid God as well? Well not if he was secretly dependent on how we behaved as a group. Now his wrath for the first time makes sense, especially when he was always testing(Abraham) the loyalty of his worshipers to him. Wasn't it important for him to know that one cell would be willing to give up everything for the sake of the whole(especially since God was the whole)? So with these supposed insights if you played Christ and someone asked you what the most important law of God was? How would you answer? One rabbi answered by saying that everyone should love God with all their might and heart. Naturally in his mind he put God above all. But Jesus told him that loving your neighbor was equally important as loving God. The Rabbi thought Jesus was crazy. God was the ultimate and a man was just a little nothing. But to Jesus, loving your neighbor was the same as loving God, somehow? How? Also what's this business about not worshiping other Gods? Wasn't he the only God or did he fail to tell us about other animals having their own group minds like ours, of course, not as powerful but, nevertheless, still there. WHY THE BIBLE AND BY WHO ____________________________ But there are still some more puzzling questions? Why give the Ten Commandments to the Jews and not others at first? Why did God pick the Jews as his chosen people? A bunch of bullshit by Jews or divine prejudice by God? Think about it for a while? Suppose you were God and you wanted to take care of yourself against the hateful assault of the Devil, how would you do so? Well which part of yourself...your mental makeup expresses your own being the most? Since you're a composite entity of the left sided brains in humans you would have to find the strongest component of your left hemispheres. In the left brain the strongest and most powerful part is the portion of the brain dedicated to verbal intelligence. Its the most active chemically and organically complex. It isn't any wonder since we are mostly social animals that have to communicate with each other to survive as a group against a hostile environment. It is also verbal intelligence which enables us to have the greatest comprehension of what we're doing in life and of others. While we can still be bright in certain respects without it, it's still essential for understanding most things. Try and imagine wiping out from your mind any understanding of any ideas that have resulted in some manner through the use of words. You would almost be like any other dumb animal in spite of great natural intelligence. Most important knowledge cannot be understood without the use of words. With this strange new ability of language we opened up the door to the knowledge of the universe. Point,..."Moses did you see God? What did he look like?" "My eyes could not look upon him. He spoke to me in my mind. And the "Word" was God. He is of eternal mind and I know now that his "light" dwells in every man." Back to my point! Who are the most verbally gifted group of people? Whether its by environment or genetics, up to today, it appears to be the Jews. So God in protecting himself would automatically be concerned with Jews since his created consciousness is more strongly expressed through them. Of course, it would mean that all verbally people are a concern for him, but he first has to worry about averages. I don't mean to say that if you're verbally gifted, you're good. The composite personality of left hemisphere's is quite different from any single individual hemisphere. And not all artists are bad by nature, just the composite. Composite personalities are not individual personalities. They might indicate certain leanings, but they're not reliable predictors of individual character. I think that you'll all agree there are plenty of unscrupulous and devious liars who call themselves lawyers. But most, I suspect, are dedicated and honest working people. But its about averages, not absolutes. And there are all too many illiterate criminals polluting our jails who are constantly pre- occupied with their petty egos and little vices. But not all, its about averages isn't it? IN WHAT SENSE WERE THE JEWS GOD'S CHOSEN? WHY? ______________________________________________________ This fact I think could explain God's obsession with the Jewish people in the beginning of Biblical history. Also it explains something I've always hated about the supposed character of God, his divine and greedy need for constant devotion and sacrifice from humans, puts his absurd emotional demands into a more acceptable frame. It might also explain why Satan sent a frustrated artist(some brain he could easily control), Hitler, after the Jews during the Second World War. Towards the end of the war he kept claiming he only trusted his intuition(right brain) and not his logic(left brain) anymore. He also started to lose control of his right side of his body. But was that really so strange?! Was God attacking him through his left brain? Making him stupid enough to insist on opening two fronts which only could have led to disaster, as it did. SATAN'S HATRED OF JEWS AND BOOKS ______________________________________ Curious...Germany which prided itself so much on its superior culture suddenly became vehemently anti-intellectual(left brain endeavor) and feverishly burned books(left brain products). And a people who based their supposed superiority on their cultural and intellectual achievements, to the point of even using it to justify the genocide of other so called not quite as historically accomplished inferior people, turned vehemently anti-intellectual. A contradiction in principle which all rational thought must have shouted its denial, but one which a heart deafened with hatred couldn't hear. This is an example of Satan's right brain hatred of left brain products. His hatred of Books. But if God is constantly in a war with the Devil then exactly how is the war being conducted between the two. Just because the Devil was banished into the lesser half doesn't mean he won't continue struggling for supremacy. THE REAL NATURE OF SIN ____________________________ Another historical perspective. Today most scientists agree there wasn't any major flood in our remote past covering the entire earth. But can we really be sure? In the beginning of civilized society too many people were finding corruption too irresistible of a life style. After all, life was short and very hard so why refrain from enjoyable and sinful acts when there wasn't anything better to do? If you were smart, I guess you didn't. If you look at the nature of sin and analyze it you begin to wonder what is wrong with some of it. Having sex with someone that you're not married to is wrong, but why? If both partners enjoy it and no one else is being hurt by it then why should it be wrong? Is all killing wrong too? If you found yourself holding a gun on someone who already killed one child of yours and was in the process of killing another, would killing that person(if it was the only way to stop him) be wrong? I don't think so. There are many other activities which seem to be quite innocent from our perspective but which don't seem to be from God's. Remember he has to worry more about the overall behavior of his human cells for his health than we do. Concerning himself about every individual is akin to us worrying about every cell. But prayer is a good way of catching his attention. SATAN'S NATURE AND HIS LOVE FOR SIN _______________________________________ So in the beginning of our history he saw how easy it was to corrupt man with pleasure and sin. The Devil being the opposite of God in many ways wants us on an individual level to enjoy physical pleasure. Satan being a group manifestation of the right brain seeks pleasure for it's own sake. The right brain also has the strongest sense of individuality and ego, thus making itself the center of attention, not others. So sinful actions are those which you might enjoy without any regard or consideration for others. And which stimulates the right brain. The underlying rule of God about worrying about your neighbor as much as yourself is total bullshit in Satan's eyes. Does the predator worry about his prey? The killer about his victim? His argument, "Doesn't God do the same?" Point: Jesus, "If a Kingdom is divided against itself, the Kingdom cannot stand. If Satan also be divided against himself, then how can his Kingdom stand? How can Satan cast out Satan?" DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD'S KINGDOM? It would seem then that there are many rules which God has laid down for his subjects which aren't inherently fair for us on our level of existence but are for him on his, but didn't he claim to be a jealous and vengeful God? Why was he so insecure in the beginning of our history? Strange behavior for someone so powerful wouldn't you say? His behavior according to these premises begin to make more and more sense. So back to my original point. What did God do when he saw most people beginning to indulge themselves in sin and start to weaken him. Of course, he flooded the earth except for a chosen few and started all over again because if he didn't then Satan would have won. Then being quite clever he eliminated most or all of the evidence of that flood. Why? Just imagine if your brain cells grew to a point where they developed their own egos would you then want them to know about the way you depended on them? No, because they might hold you hostage with their knowledge and actions instead of bowing down in prayer. God couldn't afford to explain the nature of his actual existence to us or explain why most sins are really sinful. HOW SATAN VIEWS HATRED AND KILLING ______________________________________ The Devil seeing that any victory in the remote past wouldn't be permanent or final decided to focus on the future. He saw that someday Man would finally harness the secret of the atom and would be, for the first time, in position to completely destroy himself. Thus God would die but so would the Devil. But complete hatred expressed in its most insane form possesses the twisted logic of even destroying yourself to hurt your enemy. Like some crazy lover who kills his spouse and himself afterward, rather than tolerate the loss. All suicidal fanatics have died or will die for Satan, not God. Anyone flying jets into buildings, blowing themselves up, or planning other such evil acts are all influenced by Satan inside to do his bidding. GOD VS. SATAN DEBATE WHY HITLER WAS THE SECOND ANTICHRIST __________________________________________ Let�s examine Hitler a little. If he truly represented a composite right mind such as Satan�s he should have shown signs. Signs of feeling a greater mind influencing his own. Maybe making the mistake of feeling it was God. He shouldn�t like any left brain activity, even when he prides himself on being intelligent. Remember, the right brain hates left brain activity, smart intellectuals. Hates left brain ethics, like compassion. Hates mercy. And above all, right brain loves itself. Super EGO. Let�s see.
  • Hitler, �Do you realize that you are in the presence of the greatest German of all time.�
  • Hitler, �I am one of the hardest men Germany has for decades, perhaps for centuries..�
  • Hitler, �Of secondary importance is the training of mental abilities.�
  • Hitler,”Over-educated people, stuffed with knowledge and intellect, but bare of any sound instincts.�
  • Hitler, �These impudent rascals(intellectuals) who always know everything better than anyone.�
  • Hitler,�The intellect has grown autocratic, and has become a DISEASE of life.�
  • Hitler,�I carry out the commands that Providence has laid upon me.�
  • Hitler,�..the Jewish Christ-creed with its effeminate, pity-ethics.�
Hitler was predicted by the old prophet Nostradamus as being the second anti-Christ over 400 years ago in France. If this is true then who was the first and who will be the third? Why did he claim there would be three anti-Christs. What makes an anti-Christ? What are their true roles in history? Which clues give them away about their true nature and agenda? Sure you want to know? THREE ANTI-CHRISTS JESUS WAS IN GOD AND GOD IN HIM ________________________________________ So Satan resolving himself to kill God by giving mankind its final nuclear war interfered in our history. Satan assured our future would be filled with greater and greater hatred and mistrust until those bombs would be unleashed, feeling if I can't win then I'll kill all the players. Now what could have God done to stop this impending action by Satan? If he remained fighting Satan with his usual methods then he would almost certainly have lost. So he had to do something he might have being actually reluctant to do. He gave birth to Christ. For the first time he would give this special man, Christ, equal decision making powers within himself. So if any decision had to be made by God concerning an individual, it would made by this one special human cell. God would still use his full mental capacity for thinking about decisions about many matters, but, about us, he would use this one human cell(Christ) to make the final judgment. So Christ and God share equal power within this group mind. Thus the Son and the Father became equals, and yet, the Son could still pray to the Father. Point : Also if God was truly a group mind then wouldn't a gathering of people with a group focused intent on praying form some tiny telepathic circle of minds making it easier to catch God's attention. There are many anti-Semitic people who claim the Jews are condemned because Christ claimed that you couldn't go to God except through him. But if you spoke to Jesus as a bigot and advocated sending the Jews to Hell starting with his mother and friends(after all, they were Jews too) what do you think his reaction would have being? And who do you think would have really went? Point: If Christ is the human element in control of the composite left side which controls the right hand. What do you make of the expressions,... "I shall stand on the right side of God's throne." or "And yet, not as I will, but as you will." or "You think as man thinks, not as God thinks." Back to my point. If you were God and you didn't know what it was like to be a human being anymore than a human understands what it is like to be a brain cell then how would you judge a person's life? Wouldn't it be an excellent idea to give the one person that finally understood you(as God), and also what it meant to be a person the role as judge? Certainly! So when Christ said you couldn't go before God except through him he meant the part of God that will judge you will be him(Jesus), not that you have to be a Catholic, or this, or that. How absurd to think how some people could believe many decent people having had lived good lives would be condemned to Hell because they never heard of Christ. Those people who truly believe that are being wicked in their hearts. And they have seriously misjudged what the Holy Ghost feels is important. FINAL WAR : WHY JESUS HAD TO DIE ON THE CROSS _____________________________________________________ How did Christ save us by dying on the Cross? Is God a sadist where he forgave us of our sins when someone experienced enough pain to please him? Isn't this the God we're always told to worship? If he was truly this way I wouldn't I wouldn't like him at all, but, of course, fear goes a long way in changing our attitudes doesn't it. Now lets go back to our future for a moment. Suppose hatred between people and nations finally grow to a point where our nuclear arsenal is finally released against each other. If you were God how would you plan to stop it. Supposing you couldn't stop the missiles because of interference from Satan. There is only one answer if you can't stop those missiles, you'll then have to stop the people launching those missiles. Maybe you can't stop all of them, but you might be able to stop enough of them to stop our complete obliteration. But how do you do that? How did God do it? Now back to the past. God saw that Christ had to be condemned by those around him because that betrayal was crucial to his plan. Christ had to be humiliated, betrayed, and finally put to death because only under those conditions would the amount of hate that Christ had to feel would be possible. This time the suffering he would feel, would be his own. God wanted Jesus to learn hatred to the max. He wanted him to embrace the Devil's angry passion from within. The reason for Jesus to feel complete hatred was for him to overcome it. In order for Mankind to be saved he had to forgive and overwhelm this hatred with love in order to cancel it out. Which he finally did..."Father forgive them for they know not what they do." After that, "It is finished". Finished? How? I believe that when Jesus forgave our act against him with complete love he sent that love, amplified greatly with God's mind behind it, to the future into all the solders minds which would be pushing the buttons to fire nuclear missiles. So not all the missiles will be fired and war will doesn't destroy Mankind or God. This is the way his crucifixion meant salvation for us. But so far, it was sent to a probable future, one, if we are careful, we can still avoid. Doubtful, but still possible. In the movie Day-1 a person with the responsibility to push the button suddenly joked with Oppy and said he feeling he might change his mind at the last second and not explode the bomb. If that happened then it might have been a residual psychic message on its way to the still further future that got mistakenly detoured by someone in position for such an act. Point: Jesus, "If it weren't for my intervention the flesh of every man, women and child shall be burnt to the bone." God: "The earth shall be destroyed by fire next time." Somehow the idea of a global forest fire doesn't quite make it, but ten of thousands of nuclear warheads do just fine. And didn't he say that he wouldn't be responsible for it this time. Another idea as well. What would be the limitations of Jesus and God in knowing what plans the Devil has? An all-powerful and all-knowing God would know everything billions of years before anything happened. How could he not! And a equally knowledgeable Jesus, being truly him in another form, would also! But Jesus claimed even he didn't know the hour of that final war! Only God knew! But what if God had only informational leakage across the corpus network to work with for knowing Satan's plans? So even Jesus wouldn't catch on until it started, except with God who would have a little warning. I truly believe that an all-powerful and all-loving God wouldn't have allowed these conditions in the first place. And I suspect, many others feel the same way! AWARENESS AND THE HOLY GHOST _______________________________________ Okay so you now have God and Jesus but is this all there is to us? And if God exists this way then he certainly isn't divine the way we are used to thinking about him, is he? And where is the 3rd partner the Holy Ghost? Okay let's go on but first we have to take a detour for a short while. Just a short one. What allows consciousness at all? At first you're trained to think that its a by-product of the chemical activities of the physical brain. After all, scientists today can give certain regions of the brain a little current and revive memories and sensations. If the brain is damaged so are certain mental activities. Does that really indicate that mental awareness is dependent on the brain? Naw...not really. IS AWARENESS REALLY IN THE BRAIN? _________________________________________ Take the simplest color blue. When we have this color on our brain exactly where and how is it being produced? Light itself is just a colorless frequency of energy so that's not it. Besides the light never enters the brain in the first place. Ah the optic nerve sends an electrical message to the brain and then blue is produced. But is any molecule blue?...nope...any moving arrangements of atoms within the brain blue?...again where?...ah...the activity itself gives rise to it...but wait...this or all activity or movement of particles is simply expressing relationships in empty space in regard to each other...but there's still no color. SO WHERE THE HELL IS IT? And any other thought for that matter. Every time a brain scientist is able to correlate some brain activity with a perception, an all too common assumption is made. And that is, if we can reduce the brain mechanisms that precede and occur during the time we are subjectively perceiving something, they are the same thing. It is wrong. Suppose you were able to construct a super gigantic brain where every quark particle in the human brain has a corresponding cup moving in exactly the same relation in space, would you have then created consciousness? Now for the sake of the story let us suppose you did. Now where would you say consciousness lies within the fabric of matter and energy? If all there is to reality is space, time, matter and energy then it has to exist within this physical framework some way doesn't it? It can't be the particles in our brains that account for thoughts because they can be anything now. Besides, aren't the atoms of our brain quite dead on their level of existence. The only thing left in common between the two brains are the patterns in space they weave? SPACE : A PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF AN ABSTRACTION _______________________________________________________ But how can mere space be important? We're very fond of saying that everything is composed of matter and energy. If this is true then what is space? We never really think about that one do we. It is just there as empty room...right? But here is a real physical entity that isn't matter or energy, yet exists! Space is an entity that isn't corporeal, no substance, yet it contains all of physical reality within it. Quite a trick for something that seems to be built out of nothing (unless of course, all matter and energy are really made of specially rearranged space properties). is something, but what? Space just expresses a relationship between physical objects. When you think about it after a while you realize that space is just an abstract relationship expressing location and form. Actually, I believe, it is a physical manifestation of an abstraction. If this is true then ideas and truth have their own real essence outside physical reality but some can be expressed in space itself. PATTERNS AS THE BASIS OF AWARENESS _____________________________________________ So maybe(big maybe) the particles which inhabit our brains sketch out patterns in space which are read by our souls and translated into a spiritual language. For every brain activity and spatial formation in our brains there is a corresponding perception. Some patterns register as colors, sounds, words, numbers, or whatever awareness. The soul is where the perceptual integration takes place. Only with an idea(abstract relation), can the information of one brain region be merged with another. You only have to assume that ideas have their own independent reality. Where the essence of consciousness is captured inside the very fabric of the relationships. That isn't a corporeal structure anymore, but so isn't the essence of thought or awareness. And unlike an AI computer program stimulating thought behavior, these relationships have to more than mimic an outside intelligent pattern, they have to generate awareness from within themselves. Put simply, thought is build from the inside of patterns. NOT READ from the outside by an outside observer, saying to himself, 'yes that means something', but generated from within. A DOCTOR'S AFTERLIFE EXPERIENCE SPACE : THE WALL BETWEEN THE PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL WORLDS ______________________________________________________________ It would mean that behind this skin of space, behind our physical reality, lies another realm of pure and infinite thought. In this realm of ideas is where all our thoughts exist. It is where our souls exist. We don't see with our eyes but with our souls. We don't hear with our ears but with our souls. This is the only way remote viewing and out of the body experiences ever could work. All perception is alive information through our awareness of it. Vision is tremendous information of our surroundings through mental awareness. And this domain of thought is the spiritual realm of the Holy Ghost. This domain of the Holy Ghost is the white light which everyone sees when they die. And the white light is simply all the infinite awareness that our souls are still ill-equipped to understand. Elizabeth Taylor's NDE THE HOLY GHOST AND TRINITY _________________________________ It could be that awareness, which is the true measure of all real life, is potentially infinitely deep. And the Holy Ghost has achieved it. Not God, but he is striving for it. I guess, like us, he has his own goals in life. And now you have the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. SOUL AND BRAIN WORK TOGETHER _________________________________ Point: This point goes beyond simple parallelism. I'm suggesting that possibly our souls send back information through space into the natural laws(other thought constructs governing matter) to change the motion of particles within our brains, or elsewhere. The brain gives us particle and spatial information which is translated into spiritual perception, is perceived, then further thoughts are send back from your soul to be translated into appropriate thoughts(natural laws) for governing matter. You can even transmit information to other minds(telepathy). Or see events far away(remote seeing). And guess which of all the humans who ever walked the earth, who was able to manipulate natural laws the most. The body and soul might work in unison with a two-way method of communication. And seemingly random coincidences, like Jung conjectured, are not random accidents but conveniently contrived occurrences with meaningful purposes behind them. COULD A NEW SCIENCE OF THE MIND EXPLAIN MAGIC AND MIRACLES? _____________________________________________________________ Now I'm not going to advocate any belief in magic. At least not the way it is usually conceptualized. But if your mind, when in a certain trance is able to invisibly effect events by manipulating thought constructs behind the scenes(natural space) then events(seemingly separated by causal effect) would be within the reach of each other. Maybe the simple practice of going into a trance or reciting spells could be in reality, psychological gimmicks to achieve the needed mental state for working such influences. And the power of prayer? Go figure. It wouldn't be real magic. Or would it?! The fact that everything in actually is fundamentally abstraction, which is fundamentally perception, which is life, which is the basis of all reality, which is why everything is interrelated on a spiritual plane as well as the physical, could explain why it works. It also explains why a little man long ago was able to heal the sick and raise the dead or walk on water. And what I call the right attitude(trance like state), he called faith. And what about all those people who have gut feelings that they are either naturally lucky or unlucky. Could they be unwittingly be the architects of their own faith(like me). If were able to go back in time with a scientist and view one of Jesus' miracles. Would you accept it as magic? And would your scientific friends view it as some explainable science which we don't understand yet? Or would you both believe that there wasn't any explanation, just an inexplicable BECAUSE..without rhyme or reason? Or don't you think that God, if pressed for an explanation, could not give you an explanation to not only his miracles, but to the simple did reality come into being?!!! MAGICAL HEALING and NDEs GROUP MINDS AND EVOLUTION TIED TO SPACE ___________________________________________ Other group animals might also have their group minds. How did the colony minds of ants or bees evolve? How did some life forms, radically different from each other, come to rely on each for survival? Blind evolution? Then how did blind evolution decide to mutate different brain cells in different parts of our brain into cells which strictly process ghost information(words)? Why not just adapt to what is, the physical environment with...faster legs, stronger arms, better senses? had to adapt to what wasn't physically real!? A little like developing eyes...wouldn't you say? Who would ever have thought up the concept of sight before eyes? How does the brain integrate the dark lifeless chemical activities in each separate brain cell, and add their activities together into the well lit fused mental interior of your own perception? Vision, it seems to me, was the beginning of the further symbolic abstract unification of words. I wonder what else lies in store for us in the future. Could evolution be driven towards awareness by constantly struggling thought patterns constantly trying to reach new bordering thoughts yet unavailable to the brain? And when souls become tire of experiencing one level and type of awareness, either extinguishes the restraining biological form or evolves it. A neglected question is what allows continuity? Can patterns reach below physical space, just another physical abstraction, to tie together particles? Like Bell's problem with information between two particles reaching out to each other faster than the speed of light, to ensure properties on both sides, stay balanced to zero? Can this method of reaching out below space, also account for the ability of complex organizations to form within all living bodies? Could this be a way for evolution to make new changes in life? To even reach out to life being formed on other planets? THE NATURE OF GOD'S POWER OVER NATURAL LAWS ____________________________________________________ Could God, being the highest group mind on Earth, call upon other lower group minds for help or even order them to do so? Like sending locusts when he wanted to. Why did he chose to use a lower form of life to help Moses? His way of throwing a punch? And when God, with his growing mastery of influencing natural laws(which he can see and manipulate with his immense mind, like we do with our hands to our physical environment), was ready to liberate his people from their task masters he did so. You know, burning bushes and walls of flame. Why did he wait so long Moses? He wasn't ready. Mr. All- Powerful isn't really all-powerful, he just seems to be from our perspective. Like we would seem to be to a comprehending ant. And if you can command the laws of nature, even in a limited capacity, you still can be considered a commanding King of Sorts. And for the overall good and for excellent propaganda in a Holy War with the Devil, the title of being the King of the Universe is an excellent one to bear. Intimidation goes a long way in soliciting hard won obedience with such a strong adversary. JESUS'S POWER DERIVED FROM GOD _____________________________________ Point: And if your mind is able to influence natural law, what else can you do? Especially if you, as a single individual(like Jesus) could tap into the combined mental power of all the left brains of humanity. Would healing the sick, turning water into wine, walking on water or even bringing back the dead seem like such miracles? Would these seemingly supernatural deeds appear to be outside the realm of possibility? Or would they when put into perspective ...seem...quite natural! And if Jesus truly tapped into a composite left mind, as we could providing our love and faith was great enough to muster the ability, and he wasn't deriving his power as the creator of the entire universe, might not he be able to truthfully say,.. "All these things I do, you can do as well, and more."
LAZARUS'S DICE Another point about the power granted to him from God. If you were a composite mind of left brains such as God might be, and you wanted to be fair in judging individuals, how would you accomplish that? Do you ever suffer the conflicts the right brain evokes in the emotions of the individuals within yourself? Nope!!! So if you can't feel the pull of these other conflicting emotions whispering inside the individuals within you what can you do to be fair? What if you gave one man within your composite mind equal power to yourself? Of course you would have to pick the very best man for the job. One who could give up everything for the sake of others. He'll have to be someone who wouldn't cater to himself or put his own interests before the concerns of others. He'll need the ability for self-sacrifice to make others fully trust him and any leadership role he might assume someday. He'll be the first person within you, with the most power any human will ever be given, but he will have to serve the needs of all peoples. He'll be first in power, but last in being served. A King in power, but a slave in deed. Someday Mankind would come to question even your authority over them but he would still be trusted. But such trust could never come from simply having mere power. He would have to prove his devotion and ability for self-sacrifice in some ultimate act where he is asked to give it all up for the sake of others. Obviously it will mean his life. Question is, will he be able to do it? SUCKS DOESN'T IT MOSES? But you'll figure out that part later. How do you get people to trust your judgment over them? What if you gave this special man the job of judging people? It won�t be enough to just have both brains in him. He can�t be like an average Jew, with better left brain development than right. How can he be expected to convince others that he understood Satan as well God? His right brain development will also have to be above average. His left brain will make him a prodigy, someday lecturing religious experts as an expert even as a child. But he�ll also have to be an expert with his right brain. A builder will make an excellent occupation for him. He'll be more trusted than even yourself when they learn you could never feel what it is like to have Satan's voice inside yourself. But this man will. He'll know by being one of them as well. Making him an obvious target for Satan. Knowing for sure, someday and somewhere Satan will pay him a personal call to betray you. But you can't concern yourself with that problem now. So you create this man. The only human within yourself with equal power to yourself. The only human you'll use inside yourself to judge the other human individual souls within you. So it doesn't surprise when you hear him someday telling others, "You cannot go to the Father except by me." Or, "Believe me when I say, I am in the Father, and he is in me." Or, "Go now. Your sins are Forgiven." JUDAS'S MISTAKE THE ROLE OF OLD ANIMAL SPIRITS ____________________________________ Point: And what about much, much, much, much, much, much, much further back(I'm really stretching on this one). Could newly emerging group minds still in their infancy, have sized up their dilemma with other far more physically formidable adversaries and send out their little frail components to stage an all out attack on the eggs of these overgrown lizards. Did the war of survival change from a war of the strongest to a war of the smartest? With group minds prevailing over tons of lizard muscle. And could American Indians be right about their communication with animal spirits? Why not, if there are animal group minds which are at least as developed an any single individual human mind. They can't compete with God, but with us they can. And what about all the native tribes that claim they have ways of communicating with the dead when they get into certain types of trances. The Holy Ghost might have the far future of Earth reserved for the eventual ascension of today's lower animals into the spiritual domains we now occupy. With the gift of language once again being given to new Adams of different species. When their souls will no longer be melted back into vast ocean of the spirit which underlies our reality, when they will be given private ownership of their own life force(souls) like we were . DARWIN'S MISSED BEAUTY PROBLEM LOWER LIFE FORMS ______________________________ All lower forms get recycled back into potential higher forms until they reach our self liberating stage of development. Maggots, flies, and all the other little ugly forms of life(to us) don't get preserved until they are spiritually merged together and eventually transformed into a stage of self-awareness comparable to ours. Then, like us, they are allowed to have private ownership of their internal spiritual life force to travel through eternity with constant growth into the infinite depths of new eternally created knowledge(new realms of existence). Reality might be infinitely wide but very simple with its essence having been written from eternal relationships which could only be in a sense, restructured nothingness(a metaphysical null set of sorts). Only the essence of a relationship, which absolutely needs no corporeality to be, can emerge from something which isn't. And with each new emerging consciousness, first expressed in the lower forms of life, the newly developed higher forms get a chance to purge themselves of all their baser forms of consciousness which also is unavoidable in creation. The Holy Ghost of this universe might use the lower forms to purge his underlying mind of its baser thoughts. And when those lower forms combine and evolve into self-governing souls, they are spiritually removed from simple instinctive behavior into a reality which finally recognizes love as a part of life. The lower forms of life are like a relief value for the Holy Ghost. And besides, he never keeps them there forever anyway, in time they'll get their turn. TIME AND SIZE IN REALITY ARE JUST ABSTRACTIONS? ____________________________________________________ Point : If the thought that reality might be constructed essentially out of some sort of metaphysical null set building block bothers you then consider these ideas. I'm not claiming they're true, but you might find them fun. If reality is finite and contained then it would have to be bounded by the nothingness. Actually such a reality would bind itself by definition. Now supposing for sake of argument you could temporarily view reality from its outside. How would it seem? What would you see? Then ask yourself these simple questions. How big is reality? You'll soon realize that it is a meaningless question. The size of reality means nothing. From the outside it has no size. Size is only applicable to its inside objects, in relation to each other. How long has reality existed? Equally meaningless! There is no measurement of time for it, a second or forever are equally valid. Time exists for only the objects inside of reality, but not for reality itself. Time, like size, doesn't have any absolute objective reality, its only meaningful when measuring one object in regards to another. Its essence is nothing short and nothing more than a RELATIONSHIP(abstraction)! So how big is reality and how long has it existed? In a very real sense you can answer...ZERO! And most(if not all) physic equations revolve around these equal signs, with both sides together always adding to zero. Funny, isn't it! If matter and energy are the same and space and time were always included, then everything, in the real reality, is ultimately an abstraction! And that is why equations works for understanding the physical universe, and, even more importantly, collections of dead particles can collectively...have HOW SOMETHING CAME FROM NOTHING ___________________________________________ And if there was a time when truly nothing existed then it not only means that physical reality didn't exist but also there were no underlying metaphysical truths as well. So could the rule of 'something can't come from nothing' exist in any expression? wouldn't...and BECAUSE that metaphysical law DIDN'T EXIST, IT HAPPENED! Not because there was a first cause, but because there wasn't anything to -SAY NO- to the emergence of reality from its absence. Reality bounded itself and its inner workings with laws, but its opposite, didn't, because it couldn't. One sustains itself once in creation, the other falls out of nothingness rather than being pushed out by a FIRST CAUSE . Reality exploded into being not because something caused it, but because there wasn't anything in the 'absence of reality' to prevent its creation from absolutely nothing. Existence couldn't have...not been! Reality had no choice about been here. Otherwise it would have been much too hard to accomplish, especially in the simplest of all beginnings, with complete nothingness to start with. If it wasn't simple and inevitable we would have never existed. Point: Have you ever wondered if matter and energy boiled down into space and time which in turn, boiled down into thought which boiled down into the essence of relationships, which in turn boils down into metaphysical null sets reflecting off themselves from what used to be NOTHING! Existence floats in nothingness as the physical universe floats in space. How could two physical bodies ever relate to each other without some sort of physical space(abstractions) acknowledging the existence of both in regards to each other? How could what passes off as energy or matter interact with space itself, unless on their borders they are the same thing? Why would anything really physical relate to the abstraction of space, unless on some deeper level they relate by being the same thing. Mathematical structures could be more than simple non- corporeal descriptions of physical structures, they could be one of the fundamental building blocks of space, and therefore, nature itself. DEBATE ABOUT NOTHINGINGNESS THE NATURE OF THE HOLY GHOST AND CREATION _______________________________________________ How did the Holy Ghost create? Did he simply tell nature to obey his commands? Did he use sheer brute force and make use of knowledge we don't have? Is he a truly magically being with his powers having absolutely no explanation on any level? Or did he use his thoughts to expand on the abstractions which already are. Attaching new properties and objects to what already is. The secret of creation might simply be in the ability to tie your mental makeup, your own perceptions, and overlap them to the outside perceptions of the Holy Spirit, and have them tie together. Using his perceptual acknowledgment, to expand on creation. To have to be able to tie into the white light when you're physically alive, not when your soul is already detached from the information governing physical reality when you're dead. CREATION IN THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNING _______________________________________ I believe that relationships emerged from an absence of reality(in the true beginning), they became entangled with each other with further relationships, then they created ideas of self- awareness and became alive under one will. Then they, it, organized itself, constrained further development of its own self until that growth was regulated by his will, and through a scheme of testing the measure of good(the ability of an independent spirit(subset) to smoothly blend in with the constant surrounding spirit..him...and the ability to cooperate even to the point of sacrificing yourself for the greater good..which is the greater mind..him) with the capacity for evil(doing things for yourself at the expense of the greater good mind..his..defying the greater...rebellion for self). To the point where the God which claims to be an angry and jealous God(quite limited in some way, don't you agree) to a spirit which greets you after death with only one question after a life review, "How much did you love?" HOLY GHOST NEEDS LOVE TO BIND REALITY TOGETHER __________________________________________________________ Love? Isn't that just a silly but wonderful emotion which we all crave and are enslaved by in its pursuit? Surely a wonderful emotion for us, and thankfully, an obviously expressed emotion for God. But why would a being which never needed anybody or anything other than himself want or allow a dependent emotion in himself? For us, it helps us to survive by keeping us together and prevents us from killing each other. But for a completely self- sufficient entity, who needs it, why even want it? A divine virtue? Maybe. But if the domain of the white light, the Holy Ghost, is truly made of ideas, all interacting with each other, ALIVE in their various ways of uniting, what prevents them from grouping into smaller patches of thought(smaller beings) and making war against each. Trying to either divorce themselves completely from each other, or to even erase other conflicting differences(again the underlying theme of good and evil)? Only one idea can be used to unify all sub-domains, and prevent sub-entities from rebelling against the greater whole, which would mean the beginning of the ripping apart the Holy Ghost until maybe everything falls back into nothingness. But it couldn't just be a cold abstract idea, because the logic might not cross all imaginable sub-boundaries. No, it would have to be a compelling idea which can even override the logic of self- gratification in the most perverse self-absorbed entities? What was needed was an emotion, emotions can override intellect. The emotion of LOVE. LOVE is the one idea which surrounds all ideas of truth and creases their interaction. It keeps the Holy Ghost together and reality therefore. The bigger the Holy Ghost grows the more he needs to sustain himself. It is his only true test for your own soul. And that is why there is so much of it when you finally meet him. Hardly a frivolous emotion, but absolutely the most essential one for his continued existence which is all of reality. Love is the foundation form which keeps reality itself together, which is why we find it usually more rewarding than anything else. Most people would give up sex before they gave up love(I know, close call). LOVE BONDS PEOPLE ANOTHER AFTERLIFE EXPERIENCE FRENCH LOVE TO LOVE PASSION CAN BE BEAUTIFUL FROM BOTH BRAINS LOVING A SPIRIT WHY A LIFE REVIEW IN THE WHITE LIGHT ____________________________________________ To the Holy Ghost, how much money you made, how successful your career was doesn't matter as much as the fact that you loved. If you're to grow spiritually and gradually become a greater portion of his own mind, then how much will you ruffle his feathers? What did you show in your ability to blend in? How did you weight the needs of others against your own? How much did you love? A really logical question coming from him! And why is music so powerful in our psyche? Music taps into the emotion of love much more powerfully than even words, which is why it is so spiritually moving. For the moment, we become more alive with it. Music stretches the boundaries of our souls and into others. There is major overlap in the perception of love and music. The Holy Ghost can't instill more goodness than bad in you. Your character is in a battle which has to be won from within. You have to struggle to bring out more goodness than badness from your own soul in situations where you're entirely on your own. The battle of good and evil is always fought untimely, inside of us. Evil can be inflicted on others, but it can only be born internally. And here in physical reality, where we are divorced from the obvious presence of the Holy Ghost and the afterlife, can we fight our battles ourselves. The real reason it is so screwed up down here is because it was intended to be. But eventually we'll make the Devil use his mechanical skills for making farming tools instead of weapons. When there will be a truce between God and the Devil within us. Point: Since all souls, no matter how good or bad, occupy the Holy Spirit, is it wise to confine your love to only those that have done you some personal good? Of course not! You must love all, no matter who, because everyone is part of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is really pleased if you are able to or at least try to love as much of himself as you can, no matter how distasteful some people are. And some people are no doubt bad, but still...he is everything and everybody, good and bad, with both evidently evolving upwards. Still,... Jesus, "For I say upon you, love your enemies. Bless them that curse you and pray for those that despise and persecute you. For if you only love those that love you then what shall be your reward?" We are contained in nature, but our souls and perceptions go beyond the veil of the physical. No lower form of life can use language(words, mathematical symbols, or whatever abstract symbol) to see through the physical to the spiritual patterns governing the physical. But relatives and other more human information is readily perceived. And in a realm of thought where the very essence of something or someone isn't constrained to a physical location or where its particle essence can radiate their information about their own internal nature to other spirits. Thus the glow which souls seem to have or the auras that ghosts seem to be enveloped in(unless they chose to divorce themselves from God) is spiritually perceived information. A soul can learn almost instantaneously by simply merging its own being, the information defining it, with another soul or piece of information. Without the physical structure of a brain to limit which thoughts are permissible and with what comprehensive abilities, learning is more of a osmosis process. Quick and completely through, not an angle of perception left unperceived. Everything you've ever done and ever experienced becomes part of the inner makeup of your soul. In truth, who and what you've been will always remain forever part of what you'll be. You retain everything about yourself. When you grow with greater inner information your soul will shine with greater information and illumination. Your soul shines with your personal defining information, broadcasting IT to other spiritual eyes, who and what you are, and who you've being(the shameful aspect of the afterlife). No hiding there! Each life is to be lived thoroughly, each of them unique, so why short change an experience which was never intended to last forever anyway. And it isn't very smart to want to be more than you are now. Should you remember and fully realize your soul, you'll erase your illusion of your present self. Find your real self, lose yourself. Every life is precious beyond belief. All souls are build from the same building block that reality is created from. The only real difference between us and the Holy Ghost is the same difference between a number and the infinite number line it rests on. All parts look out, everything looks in. HOW GHOSTS EXIST AND TALKING TO THE DEAD _____________________________________________ If some of my funny assertions are true then people can have visions of ghosts. All ghosts have to do is broadcast their spiritual information about themselves to your spiritual eyes. You would think you're seeing their physical presence but you would be fooled. They are allowing you to see their souls. If they are with the Holy Spirit they will be surrounded with an emotionally warm glow which signifies the mind of the Holy Spirit, but if they have willfully divorced themselves from the Holy Spirit then a spiritually cold sensation would be picked up signifying its absence. And all the underlying spiritual information enabling the existence our physical universe, its particles, natural laws and events, originate from this realm of the white light. The purpose of this universe is to be nothing more than a physical crib for our spiritual evolution. Communication with the Holy Ghost would be the purpose of the nature of God's construction. Otherwise being dispersed in different humans is a very crazy way to exist. But now the immensity of God's mind would be necessary to understand and communicate to this infinite mind behind the existence of our universe. It would also explain why math(abstractions themselves) helps us understand the laws of nature. Why and how is matter regulated by mere abstractions and why are small particles virtually carbon copies of each other(like definitions within some book), and many other curiosities. WHAT REALLY HAPPENS WITH A NDE ___________________________________ Point: If this were true then exactly what would be the real nature of who we really are? First the Holy Ghost would have to conjure our souls up and establish a link between our souls with his other mental creation, physical reality, and finally link our souls to our bodies. Then we would be here as we think we are. Now lets suppose that we died? Well what do other people claim to have experienced when they did and came back from the dead? First they claim they found themselves floating outside their bodies and able to go through walls and objects. Next their physical surroundings disappeared and a long dark tunnel appeared to them. At the end of this tunnel was a light which they all felt was God. Sounds stupid doesn't it? Now lets take into account the above ideas I purposed and then imagine what dying would be like. First the link between our body and soul would be broken(by the will of the Holy Ghost) while our soul would still be attached to the information of the physical universe but it would no longer be a part of it. You would see and hear everything as usual, but it would seem like you were floating in space, and passing through walls would be quite easy and natural. After a short while, the link between your soul and universe would be broken and thus you wouldn't receive anymore incoming information about physical reality resulting in complete darkness(dark tunnel!). What's left? Only your subtle attachment to the Holy Ghost, which you finally become aware of because for the first time there's nothing else to be aware of. So it would be like looking down into a growing tunnel, not really with light, but a super consciousness. The awareness of this consciousness would explain why it's so bright without being blinding because aren't all forms of awareness just different colors and flavors of mental light. GODEL'S WHITE LIGHT WHITE LIGHT AND THE NATURE OF ALL SOULS ______________________________________________ The white light is infinite awareness, infinite life. Imagine if the boundaries of your awareness extended everywhere. Every moment of your soul filled with awareness of every aspect of what is everywhere. The only things you didn't know would be the things you haven't created yet. And the best way of taking care of yourself and doing the only worthwhile job you could do, would be to take care of all the smaller parts of your being. And make sure that each new self-governing soul, given private ownership of its expanding soul, is intrinsically good, by itself in itself. Before it is allowed to express a new node of infinite awareness along a line of perception not yet realized. You're a potential co-creator with the Holy Spirit. Inside your soul rests the foundation of new relationships of an infinite number of new soul, waiting to be born. Your soul is a portal for new realities and new lives waiting to be given expression and life. The Holy Ghost stretches into infinity from within you. That is just how important you really are. Even if you don't care about yourself, then what about the infinite lives within you? What if I told you that something very much like mathematics, which includes mathematics and every conceivable other idea, IS ALIVE! On a clear night as we look outward at all those thousands of visible stars, looking for purpose and meaning in life, he looks inward for the very same reason. We complete each other, like lovers. CONSTANT SPIRITUAL GROWTH _______________________________ So in my story the purpose of God is to overcome his inherent evil(Devil) so he can be permitted to grow. Evil isn't allowed to expand for the obvious reason because at some point of increased power it would endanger existence itself. This growth is only possible after God is judged worthy(if he survives his trail) and learns how to expand his own finite consciousness into a manifestation of another reality. This way the Supreme Being grows into further levels of creation by taking small portions of himself and expanding them into other universes and realities when he judges them worthy. SOULS OF TODAY CREATING THE NEW REALITIES OF TOMORROW _________________________________________________________ Then our souls, after judgment, will be taken into this new reality. And that is where we're all be given another chance to grow again. If we pass that stage we'll eventually have our souls grow into infinite size. We have the chance to finally grow up. So finally in the end the children of God grow up to be the Father. No harps....too bad! You end up creating new realities where innumerable new souls are born from your own. And if they came from you and you already were evolved to a level of sensitivity incomprehensibly higher than anything you're capable of now, would you be unforgivably harsh with some failures or would you give your unconditional love(especially when they are all...tiny tiny portions of your own soul)? The same way the others claim they were given it after they died and came back? So who should I trust the most, recently deceased people with their stories of a nice guy afterwards or some ancient writer who was primarily concerned with religion as a social governing tool, who otherwise wouldn't have set up Jesus on false charges. Hmm. God: "I am what I am and become what I'm becoming." Doesn't sound quite finished with growing does he? Remember the white light which surrounded Jesus after his resurrection? Could a concentrated fusion of him and the Holy Ghost have caused such confusion(spiritual information overload) that even his friends and family didn't recognize him. And this wasn't the first time others witnessed a white light surrounding his presence. There was the time he was seen standing and talking to a long dead Moses and another. Long before any near-death white light controversies. What does your sense of logic tell you now? Jesus, "Touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my Father. But go to my disciples and tell them I ascend to my Father and your Father, to my God and to your God" His father, our Father? His God and ours? And exactly how would you equate the titles of The Son of God and The Son of Man? SHORT CUT ----------------------------------------------------------------------- There's another simpler way to arrive at some of the central ideas presented here. Suppose that you had just God(my Holy Ghost) existing at the beginning of all creation. Now what does this super powerful consciousness have to work with for creating and expanding reality? It doesn't take long to realize that all he's got is his own thoughts and will. Since there isn't anything more, he must use the only building block he has, his own awareness, and construct reality out of it. Now anything made out of his thoughts can't be placed outside of him because they're still part of him. How do you separate yourself from your own thoughts? can't! Most people picture God creating the universe and placing it outside of himself. The trouble with that idea is the problem that not only isn't there a location of existence outside of him, but there couldn't be! So the only way for God to expand is to divide himself into different realms and have their smaller parts expand themselves into yet different forms. So this infinite being would only be concerned with the growth of evil within a small portion of himself and having it get out of control. Maybe the actions of little infinitesimal creatures like us and other life forms on other planets really matters in the overall scheme of things? Maybe the people who say that it's only Man's ego that makes us feel that somehow we are important in this universe are quite wrong. If all reality was just countless dead particles traveling through space then that's all that would be there and not anything more, certainly, not you and me. Robert Lauzeckas It is all very simple, existence strives for beauty, nothing is more beautiful than life, nothing in life is more beautiful than love, the rest is just complicated bullshit. IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE A Small Hill Top Two Thousand Years Ago ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -"Rabbi, what must I do to inherit eternal life?" [Hmm-gee how do I answer that one? Lets see...souls have to be bonded together for the duration with love. God has to remain safely intact, he has to be kept stronger than the segmented domains of scrabbling right brains. Cooperation through the left brain is needed. Otherwise your soul fails, gets rejected by God, and eventually begs for release into the lower forms of consciousness once further growth is prevented. Okay!] Jesus, "What is written in the law. To love your Lord thy God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your power and with all your mind, and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF! Do that and you shall live forever." -"Are you the messiah?" [Hmm. I'm here to serve God, but God is contained inside of them and consists of them even if they don't know it. Dangerous knowledge. I'm the hope of God by being his best part because of my ability for forgiveness and sacrifice. Okay.] Jesus, "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lies down his life for his sheep." -"Rabbi, I believe you are the messiah. How can I serve you?" [Hmm-I can't tell them about the real nature of God yet. Later, in the future, yes, but not now. And they don't understand that God doesn't share a normal hierarchy with them, he is in them, but not them. To serve God you must serve his parts, humanity. To be closer to his mind you must tend to his more base parts, people needs. Okay.] Jesus, "The Son of Man comes to serve, not to be served. Whoever among you who would be great...MUST BE a SERVANT, and who ever would be FIRST, must be SLAVE to all." -"If you can do miracles then call upon God to send down host to destroy the Romans to free our people from bondage!" [Opps, I can't tell them that with me, God's strategy in fighting the Devil has changed. I cannot allow myself to be corrupted by using the force which the Satan in me(right brain) wants to release. If I succumb to the use of force, then God becomes no better in the Holy Ghost's judgment than Satan. Love not hatred must guide my actions. The time for Moses tactics of killing or drowning your enemy is over. It must be over or we all lose! Salvation for all depends on a change of heart and not force of arms.] "Thy shall not tempt thy Lord thy God. The Romans are conquers, to conquer them would make you no better than they." -"Rabbi, when is the Kingdom of God coming?" [Hmm. God's mind is contained in our brain. Heaven is his consciousness and so are the rules of behavior which he would have us follow, once he opens his universal mind to our own minds. So when God's mind becomes accessible to us, in us, Heaven will come down to earth level of thought. Okay.] Jesus, "When it comes, try as you may, you'll see it not. No man will be able to say "here it is or there it is". For the Kingdom of God is Within You!" "Teach us to pray." Come do it! WELL? WAS IT BITTER SWEET? AS PROMISED!