GOD : A Composite Mind of Left Brains

     Recently brain scientists have made the discovery that our two 
  brain hemispheres have not only different brain abilities, but also
 very different and conflicting views of the world.
  • The left brain processes verbal information.
  • Its logical and rational in viewing problems.
  • It see the world through the conceptual world of WORDS.
  • It is meek.
  • The left brain controls the right side of the body and the right hand.
  • It is good at classical music and sequential logic.
  • And didn’t God say once, “My Glorious Right Hand”
  Now what I’m proposing for this new theology is a Left Brain 
Consciousness Network. Its based on the idea, that the left brain
 Network uses ESP to communicate information between its left brains
 just as our brains use chemicals to transmit information.
  And just like our brains cells add up to a collective entity, with an 
all-prevailing illusion of oneness, one identity, in us, the “ME” in us. 
This collection of left brains adds up to another entity, a super entity,
 which resides in all of us. Let’s call this our new God.
  So by nature, this brain might prefer using people with more left brain 
intelligence.  Like using Jews to write the Bible. God thinks in Words.
 “In the beginning was the “WORD”. 

Friend, “Moses. What did he look like?”
Moses, “My eyes could not look upon him. He is not of flesh and blood.
He spoke to me in my mind  and the ‘WORD’ was God. And now I know
 his light dwells in every man.”

Notice how he didn’t say,  he now knows God is everywhere.
He localized him, in ourselves.
Is there any other clue like this? YOU BET!

Question, “When will we see the Kingdom of Heaven?”
Doesn’t that mean fancy roads, thrones, and palaces? 
It should, shouldn’t it? 
What else is a Kingdom? Especially God’s.
But if God’s mind dwells in us, then where is heaven really?

Jesus, “When it comes, you’ll see it not. No man will be able to point
 and say ‘here it is or there it is’, for the Kingdom of Heaven is Within You.”

Jesus, “I shall stand on the right side of God’s throne.”
On Judgment Day, if the Book of Life is given to you
in your right hand, which is controlled by God, 
you go to Heaven.
 And you shall go to the right side of God.
Get it?

God is in us. He isn't the Holy Ghost. 

The Holy Ghost is all the information
 in reality. And as information in your 
awareness is your inner life. Soul.

Its the same for the Holy Ghost. All
ALIVE information everywhere,
is him.

But instead of concerning himself with human
matters so much because he is so much bigger
than God, he concerns himself with this.

But still, now you have the three.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.